LED Candle Light
This compact LEDwise 3W candle bulb saves you up to 88% in energy costs over the
course of its life when compared to a 25W incandescent lamp. Built with high-quality
LED chips, the 3W LED bulb putout 180 lumens of yellowish thit warm light (3000K)
or 210 lumens of cool white light (6000K), though it may practically appear much
brighter. Using advanced technology, this bulb will last over 40,000 hours or 22 years
(based on 5 hours per day) and is an ideal solution for various lighting applications;
screwing this bulb into a chandelier light socket is a typical household application.
The 360° illumination sends light in all directions.
. Estimated yearly energy cost: $.60 (Based on 5 hrs/day, 11c/kwh, costs depend on rates 
  and use)
. Life Span:  22 Years (bases on 5hr/day)
. Light Appearance: 3000K (soft warm white) or 6000K (cool white)
. Energy used: 3 Watts (equivalent to a 25 watt standard incandescent light bulb)
. Lumens per Watt: >60
. Ideal for use in hallways, dining rooms and living rooms
. E12, E14, E17 base available.

. Replacement of the traditional bulbs for general lighting in hotel and 
  household decoration, especially for galleries and courtyard.