FR5050RGB30OB is a flexible 12mm (or 15mm) copper strip. Available in lengths from 0.5meter to 5meters, it may be cut every 5 centimeters. It uses 30pcs of RGB SMD5050 top LEDs per meter and consumes only 10 watts per meter @12VDC. It is easy to install with 3M sitcky back tape on the backside or may be secured with screw in mounting clips (order separately). It works with a 15-100 watts 12VDC power supply and is controlled e with a RGB controller. Rated IP67 for outdoor use only. Maximum length before re-feeding 5 meters, comes with low voltage 10-15cm waterproof crystal plugs, standard roll 5 meters.

1) Wide angel SMD LED used.     
2) RGB tri- Color Available.     
3) Maintenance free,Easy installation     
4) High power, High intensity

Basic Technical Data:
1) Non-waterproof RGB Led light strip     
2) Complete size(LXW): 5000mmx10mm (150-LED)     
3) Printed circuit Board Thickness: 0.2mm     
4) Working Voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC     
5) Power: 7.2W / Meters     
6) LED view angle: 120 degrees.     
7) Packing: 5 meters/Reel     


1) Entertainment lighting     
2) Landscape lighting