a.Housing:      Aluminum anodized finshing &powder painting
b.Glass:Tempered glass.T=3mm
c.Lens:optical lens,efficiency》85%
d.Cable gland:Copper and nickel coated
e.Gasket:Tooling shaped seal
f.LED:TO type power LED
g.PCB:Excellent heat conductivity aluminum,coefficient of Heat conductivity
h.Driver:Constant current output
              Single color LED=1-circuit output
              RGB 3in 1 LED=3-circuit output

i.Operating temperature:-20℃~40℃
j.Power cable:  H05RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=2m(low Voltage)
                        H05RN-F 3X0.75mm2 L=2m(High Voltage)
                        H05RN-F 4X0.75mm2 L=2m(for RGB)