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Company Profile
The company was established in 2007, started from one product, the Flex LED strip, which gained high appreciation among the customers. LEDwise Technology Limited is now an LEDwise solution provider focused on a large range of LED Lighting products.

LEDwise quickly expended its offer, we are now ready to provide with our customers a total LEDwise lighting solution. LEDwise has continually invested in the expansion of its research and development, manufacturing and customer service capabilities, LEDwise is capable of responding to the needs of the customers on an international basis. This is achieved through a growing network of authorized sales representatives, applications staff and qualified distributors. Leveraging our ability to communicate immediately with the factory and with customers and affiliates around the world, and through the further growth of our automated production lines, LEDwise is positioned to answer the most demanding needs of our customers. Our manufacturing techniques are highly proficient, assuring a level of quality and uniformity that the market has come to expect in such devices.
Growing both domestically and internationally, LEDwise maintains the same philosophy - caring and commitment to our customers. With a constant focus on product quality and the continuing level of excellence in customer service, we are to offer reliable quality products at competitive market prices for the Optoelectronic and Solid State Lighting Markets.
LEDwise is positioned to respond immediately, with applications assistance, new design considerations for proprietary products, product availability and prompt delivery.
Why LEDwise?
LEDwise answers current market trends. Deliveries realized on time. High quality of product - branded components, Good prices, Guarantee, Technical service.
At LEDwise, we have some of the most stylish, technical but affordable products to provide the effect you require. From our exclusive range of indoor or outdoor lights, down lighting, latest generation LED's, decorative and architacture lights - we are sure you will find the product that can separate your project from the rest.

We are open to the opinions of our customers and certain that LEDwise will become your regular business partner, aiming to realize the common goal - customer satisfaction.

Feel invited to become our partner!

A Message From The General Manager
With the same intensity that our products display to meet the demands of emerging applications seeking refreshing new brilliance and effect, we align our intensity of commitment to serve our customers and to provide the highest quality product at a level not before experienced, a new level of excellence.
We distinguish ourselves from other LED applications manufacturers by focusing on solving difficult LED lighting problems using the combined total capabilities of our organization. We are committed to excellence of responsiveness and unique solutions. We have established a cadre of products ready for quickly creating custom product solutions to exact requirements.
Today's technological and market achievements in the field of visual lighting must be formed by a partnering relationship, which we encourage. By merging your ideas with our engineering capabilities and experience, we can create imaginative new product solutions to meet emerging applications. Our theme is to be "Your LEDwise Solution and Solarise Supplier".
We encourage you to visit us as you tour this web site. Share your comments and ideas with us. We will keep it fresh with new products, applications and LED design considerations that will provide you with the LEDwise solution for your next innovation.

Welcome to LEDwise Lighting Solutions!
Jack Liu
General Manager

About Two company names:

Solarise Lighting Limited, a company registered in Shenzhen China in 2007, 
LEDwise Technology Limited,  a company registered in Hong Kong in 2012
Both business entities are owned the by same group of individuals.