Certification: CE RoHS     
Place of origin: China     
Input voltage: 12V DC/24V DC     
Brand name: SOLARISE     
Color: Single color
Flexible LED strips with White PCB.     
1) wide angel SMD LED used. LED size is 3.5mmx2.8mm     
2) Available colors: red,green,blue,yellow,white,etc.     
3) Maintenance free,Easy installation     
4) Low Power consumption,High intensity     
General Spec & Features:     
1) Waterproof LED light strip(IP67)     
2) Complete size(LXW): 5000mmx8mm (300-LED)     
3) Printed circuit Board Thickness: 0.2mm     
4) Working Voltage: 12V DC/24V DC     
5) Working Current: 2A/5 Meters     
6) LED view angle: 120 degrees.     
7) Packing: 5 meters/Reel     
8) Waterproof by silicone tube     

1) Entertainment lighting     
2) Landscape lighting